Abortion By Pill

Non Surgical Abortion Up To 9 Weeks



Some women may prefer to  use the abortion pill method (RU-486 Mifeprex)  as a method of terminating their pregnancy.  This abortion method works only up to 63 days.  This method has the advantages of being non-invasive and allowing the abortion to take place in the privacy of your own home. This method is not for everywoman. It involves at least 3 days during which cramping and bleeding may occur.

As with all abortion procedures the process begins with the paper work, when you have it completed you will come to the front desk to become our client. Lab work is next; checking for anemia, your blood type, and vital signs,and reviewing your medical history. Our counselors will take you from there to our small private counseling rooms, where they will listen and explain in an atmosphere of support, comfort and the dignity you deserve. You will receive a written detailed instruction sheet on the medical abortion process that you will read before you see the doctor.

You will change into a disposable gown and meet with the doctor in the ultrasound room. He will exactly date your pregnancy and answer any questions. If you are a candidate for the Pill our counselors will bring it to you after you have changed back to your street clothes. We will give you a second set of pills (Misoprostle-Cytotec) to be taken 2 days later at home.   We also give you antibiotics and prescriptions for pain, bleeding, and nausea.  95% of the time the abortion takes place between 1/2 to 10 hours after this second set of pills. Bleeding can be heavy and cramping may be severe.


It is best not to eat or drink for 8 hrs before you come for your initial visit.  In some cases, you may not be a candidate for the Pill, and you may want to switch to a surgical abortion.   Things that would disqualify you include: anemia, fibroids, certain medical conditions, or medications that you might be taking. 

The manufacturer of Mifiprex has and extensive web site that you may visit to obtain detailed information and statistics. At A Choice for Women we strictly follow the protocols set by the National Abortion Federation of which we have been a proud member since 1993.

 Fee for Abortion by Pill $450

Rhogam injection $85 for women with a negative blood type